Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Court Jester

This is a court Jester. I made it in the drawing area. We are learning about castles. A jester can entertain. My teacher can juggle. We will be having a medieval feast at school and everyone can dress in a costume; a knight, a lady, a groom, a servant and some others. I will be a lady. I wanted to be a groom but I have to dance with a lord. My mum wanted me to be a knight because it is easier to get the clothes but I don't want to.


Rebel Mother said...

That really made me laugh! You wanting to be one person and your mum wanting you to be another.

Lovely drawing Lily - well done.

Good luck with the medieval feast - sounds yummy RMx

Simon Wharton said...

You can't be a knight because you are already a princess

Katherine said...

Rebel Mother I think I did the dance well when I practised it.

PS Thank you

Love Lily

Katherine said...

Daddy...I know!!!!